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Oct 9, 2012 3:00pm EDT
. the dow on top for a two-day drop. >> how was the columbus day parade in new york city? >> it was spectacular. >> she's an institution in new york city at the fabled columbus day parade. she's the commentator on that every year. >> that's where i was yesterday. it was amazingly fun. >> always look forward to your description of the high school bands out there. i'm bill griffeth. today's selloff comes as investors gear up for what some say could be a tough earnings season. we'll know in about an hour when dow component alcoa reports its results after the bell. coming up, ceoklaus kleinfeld talks with maria about the global economy. we'll also be the first to have yum brand results coming up. another key indicator of where this economy and market may be headed. here's where we stand now. a selloff this morning with the dow down 79 points. just kind of bumping along the bottom of the day, now at 13,506. the nasdaq is down 37 points. all these charts will look similar today. 1.2% down on the nasdaq. the s&p is down nine points at 1446. >> it's not a very happy anniversary t
Oct 8, 2012 3:00pm EDT
in the country, really has put his life on the line as well as new york city police chief jim esposito. thanks for joining us. >> it's a great day. thanks to be here and talk to you. >> how important was it -- how does it feel to be grand marshal of columbus weekend? what does it mean for you, a man who started his own business from the ground up? >> you think about 520 years ago, columbus had a vision, he was an entrepreneur tried to do a venture capital deal with the queen of spain. more fundamental it lays the track of what u.s. is all about. the rule of law, the free market system, even with all the blemishes of the last few years, and then the ability to succeed and the vision of columbus and what we're doing here with this parade is to raise millions of dollars, which we do every year, and give it back to individuals that want to have an equal opportunity through school. we give that money to students, thousands of them, maria, and that's why i'm doing this. i want to continue to help contribute. >> you constantly give back. the money raised, $2 million for scholarships for students, for
Oct 11, 2012 3:00pm EDT
sachs or citi or other groups see it going as high as 1650. >> that's exactly the point. everybody's worried, and they're raising their numbers. are they insane or what? there's two things going on. number one, qe-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. we don't know how much higher the market is as a result of fed's action, but it is higher. number two, feorget about 13 or 14 multiples. if europe calms down, there are people arguing we should have a higher multiple like 15. if you have 15 on the s&p right now at 105, $108 earnings next year, you're at 1600 easy. it's easy to sort of make the argument at this point. >> we're talking very long term here. tell us what you think of what's happened this week. is this problematic at all? we're struggling to stay positive. we've had a long week here of losing every single day nearly. is that a signal of something that's going to come here in the short term? are we walking into a big correction? >> i mean, i think it would be hard to extrapolate any one trend. i think for now given the uncertainty about next year, and as steve pointed out, given the estima
Oct 12, 2012 3:00pm EDT
for watching "street signs," everybody. use the lock feature on top of your phone. save your city or county some money, please. that's one to grow on. >> little tip. "closing bell" is next. >>> welcome to the "closing bell." i'm michelle caruso-cabrera in for maria bort rartiromo. it's going to be a close one, folks. >> up a little bit right now. i'm bill griffeth with my lock feature on my phone right now, as a matter of fact. nasdaq under pressure. could be set for a six-day losing streak. earnings out of jpmorgan chase this morning and wells fargo especially doing little to lift this market. both stocks under pressure today as are all the bank stocks as we head into the home stretch here. speaking of wells fargo, don't miss our first on cnbc interview with chief financial officer timothy sloan. we'll get his take on the earnings and his thought of the state of the consumer, whether the housing market will come back. we'll also ask him about legal challenges facing that bank that came out just this week. but first, here's how we stand right now. this trading pattern chart will look famili
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4